With any venture such as this there are a lot of people who work in the background to make the whole thing come together. Below is a list of people involved in the Great CO2 Race up to this point.

  Glen George
The man on a mission

Glen will be driving his MG from Perth, all around Australia. He will be giving talks and spreading awareness on EV's as well as renewables.

  Wendy Ward
Driver of Support vehicle, VW Tiguan Deisel
Wendy is the joint owner / business partner in Showcase Jewellers Karrinyup. Wendy has also been a Volunteer for Stirling City Council Perth Meals on Wheels division for 3 years.

Wendy, who is Glens sister, has been involved in the project from the early stages and decided to take a break from work and join Glen on this exciting journey. Wendy is also a keen photographer and will keep us all in touch with photos throughout the journey.

  Dennis Beros
Owner of Eartheart Energy Advisers
Dennis is an Environmentalist and was most famously involved in the "Save the Ningaloo Reef" campaign. His business Eartheart works with companies to use renewable energy sources to both save money and do the right thing by the environment.

Dennis is the project manager of The Great CO2 Race.

  Dave Graham
Web Guru
Dave is a retired high school teacher and generously donates his time and web skills for worthy causes such as the highly successful Ningaloo campaign and other environmental projects.

Dave is responsible for the website construction and set up.

  David Waplington
Chairman of the Perth Branch of the Electric Vehicle Association
David is a retired Electrical Engineer and has been a member of the association for many years. Has completed his own EV conversion on a Renault 4CV and is currently completing a conversion of a Maserati.

David will be giving a speech at Glen's send off and has been very supportive in assisting with The Great CO2 Race coverage.

  Rob Mason
Owner of E.V. Works in Kewdale
E.V. Works are the Electric Vehicle conversion specialists. Rob is known in the Industry as "the Guru" of E.V conversion. He had a lot to do with the conversion of Glenís MG and also with the trailer installation. Rob owns a few E.V vehicles including a BMW and a Ford Mustang.

  Tim Brunner
Employee of E.V. Works, Kewdale
Tim is relatively new to the industry but did a lot of work on Glenís custom trailer installing the batteries.

  Chris Hinder
Chris will be providing on the ground support once the team is on the road, this will include such things as research, correspondence to shires and check-ins. He will also be driving the support vehicle for certain legs of the race.

  Rich Hinder
Richís focus is keeping the online community of followers up to date with where things are at. This includes Facebook, Twitter and website updates as well as generating awareness via media sources.







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